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The Upward Bound Scholarship (UBS) provides selected college/trade school-bound students with a monetary award to assist in ancillary college needs such as books or supplies. The scholarship is awarded to selected students who complete the application requirements and have shown extraordinary fortitude and perseverance during their high school years.  The Upward Bound Scholarship may be awarded to up to 4 students.


This year’s scholarships will be announced to the selected students on May 9, 2023.

*NOTE: Application submittal deadline is April 24, 2023.


Angels with a Mission


Angels with a Mission is a 501c3, non-profit service organization consisting of professional women and men whose goal is to provide hope and support to the homeless, temporary housing residents, and at-risk families.  We have committed to addressing and identifying gaps in services for abused, neglected, and homeless people in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  Angels with a Mission is funded through public and private donations, churches, civic/community groups, and corporations.  Additionally, we are assisted by more than 100 volunteers.




Scholarship Qualifications


  • Applicant must be a high school senior scheduled to graduate in Spring of 2023 and accepted to begin college/trade school in the Fall of 2023.

  • Applicant must have maintained a GPA of 2.3 or above during time in high school.

  • Applicants must have shown extraordinary perseverance during their high school years. 

  • Applicant must have received a letter of acceptance to a college/trade school.

  • Applicant must be academically in good standing, with a history of servant leadership at the current school.


  • Applicant must submit a completed application either electronically or postmark on or before April 24, 2023.

Scholarship Requirements


Application Deadline for Consideration - April 24, 2023

Click Here for Application

*Please note: The items below must be submitted to Angels With A Mission via mail to the following address:


Angels with a Mission

Attn: Upward Bound Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 1822

Richmond, TX 77406-1822

OR email it to:


Whether materials are submitted online or via USPS, they must be received by the above-referenced date.


  1. Completed Application, typed.

  2. Essay, (200 words minimum), 

    1. Topic: “What do you hope to accomplish during your time attending college/trade school?”

  3. Two Letters of Recommendation:

    1. One from Current Church Member/Minister/Elder/Deacon/ Community Leader

    2. One from Academic Representative: Teacher/Professor/Dean/School Counselor – one who is knowledgeable of the Applicant’s character.
      *Please include Contact Information: (Name/Address/Phone/Organization) of References.

  4. Acceptance Letter to College/Trade School intended to begin Fall 2023.

  5. Copy of complete transcripts through Spring 2023, signed by Academic Advisor, Principal, or School Counselor.

  6.  Recent photo of the applicant.

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